2015 09 01

Line-up Complete
It has been an up-and-down summer, having had a few personnel changes, but it looks like we are finally on track. Joining our ranks on bass is Carl Ferre-Lang, a close friend and now a permanent member of the Subsumer family. We are focusing on composing, arranging, and recording at this point - and once we have the recording done for an album we will be looking at live performance. Vocal duties will be handled by the four members, divided up as needed, and we are very excited for you to hear what we've been hearing in rehearsals.

It has been a long four months since our personnel disruptions, but we are back in production mode! We will keep you posted on our progress.

2015 05 03

Rough Week
After a few weeks it had become apparent that the vocalist we'd selected from the audition was simply not working out. It is not that they lacked talent - far from it. We have a specific style of music that we are doing, and it was simply not coming together the way we hoped. We didn't come to this decision lightly, because we got along great from a personality standpoint. Similar likes and interests, similar general philosophies, things that most bands dream for. It could have worked but we would have had to seriously alter the direction of the music, and we ultimately decided not to do that and stick to the direction we originally had.

Additionally, this week Joe McGolden has decided to leave the band. The time commitment between work, other musical commitments, and person life have made it near impossible to devote the time needed to make things work with Subsumer. We were shocked at the decision, but we are also completely understanding of the situation, and fully support our close friend in any and all endeavors as he moves forward with his life.

So we are back to looking for both a vocalist and bass player (pass the word and let us know if you know someone or are interested yourself), and we will keep you posted as to what happens next. We may be down, but not out, and certainly plan on moving forward with this adventure.

2015 03 14

The End and The Beginning
The initial push in 2013 to revive the studio-only project Cryptonomicon and make it into a live performance project took a turn in 2014 as new material in a new style was being written and excellent musicians were added. Finally we can say that auditions have ended. A vocalist has been added to complete our circle. It feels weird to shift gears from "still looking for personnel" to "rehearsals for recording and performance." While we have a huge amount of material to mold and shape, we are looking forward to what the future holds. This is a very exciting time for us. Everyone is top calibre, and we are all learning a lot from each other.

We'd like to thank our family and friends for being patient with us during this first phase since it took over a year to find everyone; this second phase of rehearsal and recording will be a much quicker one. Our immediate goal is to get something recorded for everyone to hear, at which point we will announce who our vocalist is. Thanks again for your patience!

2015 02 21

We've posted a sample of what is coming in the Music section. Enjoy.

2015 02 20

We're in the midst of vocal auditions. We are hoping to make an announcement soon, fingers are crossed.

We are also hoping to release a very small teaser sample real soon. Just something to give everyone a clue to some of what we've been doing.

2014 12 31

If you've been following us on social media, you've probably noticed we've been recording. We haven't officially started recording the first album, but using the process to hone in on the sound we want. It is possible that individual instrument tracks might survive from pre-production to final production (why re-record a great take?), but the plan was to write and arrange the album before recording. We have roughly 66 minutes of material in some stage of pre-production, some fairly complete and ready for full-on recording, some needing completion/rewrites of sections. Fun, satisfying work, but it does take a lot of time to do it right.

We are a busy group of individuals. Some of us work multiple jobs, play in multiple bands, and like everyone else we all have active lives outside of work. Therefore time is a precious commodity. The holidays are hectic for everyone, we hope to start leaking little bits of what we are up to, and we promise we'll be delivering an album and some live performances as we move into 2015.